The Danger of CEO Data Breaches

Hong Kong Employee Duped by Deepfake AI in Recent Fraud Incident In a recent alarming incident, criminals in Hong Kong successfully used deepfake AI technology […]

Safeguarding Your Data

Understanding App Permissions and Cybersecurity Risks Protecting Your Personal Information in the Event of a Data Breach As we immerse ourselves in the world of […]

School Tracking Software Risks

School Tracking Software: Its Purpose, Utility, and Associated Perils In the contemporary educational sphere, schools are increasingly embracing technological innovations to streamline administrative tasks, enhance […]

Offline Companies and Data Breaches

Brick-and-mortar companies, despite operating primarily in physical spaces, are not immune to the risk of data breaches. These breaches occur when sensitive customer information stored […]

How Safe

As the automotive industry accelerates towards electric mobility, the proliferation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers has brought forth a new frontier of cybersecurity risks. EV […]